Join us at 809 South Colville Road, Deer Park Washington, 99006

Welcome to the Official Washington State – Deer Park SDA Church website. We hope to Enrich your personal bible study and daily walk with Christ the Messiah. That is our aim! Stop in, bring your family and friends; join us for a Loving worship of the Lord Christ Jesus each Sabbath (Saturday) Morning from 9:15 am to 11:00 am and would love to see you there! We present classes in Bible Study time for Kids, Young adults and those who have grown up a bit.

If you enjoy the practical side of Christianity. We have Pathfinders & Adventurers ( parents have fun learning life skills for kids and youth), a Weekly -Tuesday evening – Bible Study open to all who wish to join, a once a month Woman’s only group ministry and our Community Outreach team to name a few.

Join us up here ‘On The Hill’ and let’s be a “Beacon of Hope” to You and a hurting, wandering world! See for yourself, join us in person and then come back the next week, you and your family and bring a friend!

The Church on the Hill
Pastor Larry R. Kirkpatrick